The most common job I undertake is a standard service/setup. It tends to cure most players problems with things like intonation issues or fretbuzz.

When you leave your guitar for a setup it will be taken through a process:

  • Nut height
  • Truss Rod
  • String Height/Arc
  • Fret Polish
  • Intonation
  • Pickup Balancing
  • Loose or threaded strap buttons doweled and redrilled
  • Full clean up of all hardware and parts
  • Lemon Oil fingerboard

Electrical repairs

Electrical repairs such as jack sockets, switches and volume pots can usually be completed on the same day.

I carry stock of most electrical components for guitars made in USA, Korea, China, Mexico and the far east.

A like for like replacement is usually the case unless you decide to upgrade your electrics. I stock all CTS pots and CRL fender switches as well as gibson leaf switches and long shaft pots.

 Custom work such as kill switches and push/pull pots for coil splitting, phase and series parallel options can also be fitted.

I have fitted hundreds of pickups over the years and feel that i have a good understanding of what the customer is looking for in a pickup.

Bare Knuckle pickups bought in store come with free fitting.

I undertake most structural work such as lifting bridges, neck breaks, split tops and bridges.

Most structural work requires at least one week in the workshop due to glue drying times and the amount of work that can be involved with this sort of job.

In most cases even the worst of damage to your beloved guitar can be put right. 

Using only the best and hardest Stewart MacDonald and Jim Dunlop fret wire

Huge selection of fretwire gauges in stock.

I use a fret press for bolt on necks such as Strats and Teles with amazing results, minimum levelling needed after installation of the frets and no nasty super glue.

On guitars with binding such as Gibsons there is no need to remove binding and I retain the fret nibs also.

Quality Refret prices start at £180